Paragliding in Banos Ecuador

  • Experience the Andes and the surrounding areas with our paragliding tours at just 20 minutes from Baños Ecuador
  • Departing above 3000 meters over the sea level, our paragliding tours near Baños Ecuador is an experience of a lifetime
  • Paragliding above the the beautiful valley of Patate at just few kms of Baños Ecuador
  • Lern how to Paragliding with our experts pilots for a great price in Baños Ecuador
  • Paragliding in the Andes Ecuador where you can see the volcanoes as Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Los Altares, Carihuairazo,
  • Paragliding in Baños Ecuador, watching awesome landscapes, and beautiful valleys

If you want an adrenaline rush then you should try paragliding, as well you will have your best views of 5 volcanoes and the surrounding area.

The tour begins at 14h30 at our reception desk; from here it’s a 20 minute ride to the jump site. Once you arrive at the site (Niton Hill at over 3000meters or 9842 ft), our guide with 20 years of experience, will have a safety briefing.

As a passenger, you need no previous experience; you are given a few instructions and then a few steps later you lift off with your pilot. Getting an unusual bird's eye view of the unique Andes panorama is sure to make you forget everything else for a while!

The flight is a tandem flight consist in 2 people; one behind each other: you will be seating in the front and our professional tour guide will be behind you. Don't forget to bring your camera or camcorder to record the amazing views of Chimborazo, Carihuairazo, Tungurahua, Illinizas and Los Altares Volcanoes. The views of Patate Valley from the air are absolutely stunning and will definitely not disappoint. After this great experience, we will be back to Baños.

After this great experience, we will come back to Baños.