Tungurahua & Baños City Tour

Baños City Tour

  • Our chiva bus tours consist of 2 hours visiting the most famoust places in Baños Ecuador
  • Our tourist buses takes you to the Mirador of Bellavista located above 2600 meters near Baños Ecuador
  • The Basilica Church of Baños Ecuador is one of the places that Our Tourist Buses visits during the night tour
  • The chiva bus tour starts every single day at 9pm in the center of Baños Ecuador
  • When the Tungurahua Volcano is erupting you can see the lava from the Bellavista Mirador, the same is the final stop of our tour by chiva buses

The departure time for the viewpoint of the Tungurahua volcano is at 21H00, this tour begin with a tour around the city, then the chiva (a traditional bus from Ecuador & Colombia) continues up to the hill for 30 minutes till get to Bellavista viewpoint. From here you will have a stunning view of Baños city, and Tungurahua volcano with the possibility to see some explosions (pyroclastic flow and lava) according to the activity that keep the volcano at the time of your visit.

You can also enjoy a fire juggling show, laugh with the clowns and taste the famous "Canelazo" a hot drink of the Ecuadorian Andes, even you will have time to look at the city of Baños de Agua Santa and take some nice pictures and good memories.