Buses to Baños from Cuenca

Getting from Cuenca to Baños Ecuador and viceversa

Traveling from Cuenca to Baños Ecuador & viceversa

If you are in Cuenca, the best way to get to Baños is by taking a bus ride to Ambato in these companies: Sucre Buses, Patria Buses,Tourism Cuenca Buses. It takes about 6-7 hours due to the Andes Mountains. Then from Ambato you can take another bus to Banos (Transportes Banos, Amazonas, Expresso Banos, San Francisco Buses)

If you don`t feel like going through Ambato, you can drop off in Riobamba and from Riobamba take a direct bus to Baños Ecuador. The buses that leaves from Riobamba to Baños are Transportes Riobamba & Transportes Sangay

Average time from Cuenca to Baños & Viceversa

  • 07h30 to 09 hours
  • Bus Safety - When traveling on buses in Ecuador please be very careful with your valuables. We suggest keeping your small bagpack on your lap at all times and do not put it down between your feet. Unfortunately there have been reported many robberies on the buses lately and the thieves are quite cunning. So we hope you will take care and have a safe and happy journey.