Buses from Guayaquil to Baños

Getting from Guayaquil to Baños Ecuador

There are 3 direct buses from Guayaquil to Banos those are: Transportes Baños, San Francisco, Flota Pelileo; and there are buses that goes to Ambato (approximately time from Guayaquil to Ambato 5H30 to 6 hours ) by the time you arrive to Ambato is pretty easy to get a bus ride to Banos (it takes 1 hour) there are a lot of buses going to Baños (every 15 minutes)

Bus Safety - When traveling on buses in Ecuador please be very careful with your valuables. We suggest keeping your small bagpack on your lap at all times and do not put it down between your feet. Unfortunately there have been reported many robberies on the buses lately and the thieves are quite cunning. So we hope you will take care and have a safe and happy journey.