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Weather in Banos Ecuador

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Baño’s climate is on the top list of why people live in the Andes of Ecuador. From the warm sunny days giving birth to new life, to the bright colours of the rainy season, the rainy mornings days in rainy season (June to middle of August) and the long beautiful sunny afternoons all in the same day.

Temperature in Baños Ecuador

Banos Ecuador average rainy season temperatures measure between a high of 24.9°C/76.8°F and a low of 9.4°C/48.9°F.

Banos Ecuador average summer temperatures measure between a high of 28.0°C/82.4°F and a low of 15°C/ 59°F.

PSD: Remember that it never snowed in Baños, for that very reason we ask you not to believe the temperatures shown on the internet, because the nearest weather station is near a volcano, and for that same reason the temperature appears from 0 to -5 degrees in the months of June, July, August. Which is totally false.
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