Como llegar

Llegar desde Guayaquil a Baños

Hay 3 autobuses directos desde Guayaquil hasta Baños, que son: Transportes Baños, San Francisco y Flota Pelileo; y también hay autobuses que van a Ambato (aproximadamente tiempo desde Guayaquil hasta Ambato de 5 horas 30 minutos a 6 horas). Para cuando llegues a Ambato, es bastante fácil conseguir un autobús a Baños (toma 1 hora). Hay muchos autobuses que van a Baños (cada 15 minutos).

Llegar desde Quito a Baños

Existen conexiones frecuentes desde Quito a Baños y viceversa, todas ellas parten desde la estación Terminal Quitumbe, la mejor forma de llegar allí es en METRO. Los horarios de salida son bastante similares entre las compañías que viajan a Baños (cada 15 minutos), pero durante la noche a partir de las 7 p. m., los autobuses salen cada 30 minutos, siendo el último autobús que sale de Quito desde la terminal a las 23:30 (con destino a Macas; pero este pasa por Baños). Los autobuses que van directamente a Baños desde Quito son Transportes Baños, Amazonas, Expreso Baños, y otras compañías que pasan por Baños rumbo a Puyo o Macas son San Francisco, Flota Pelileo, Latinoamericana, Centinela del Oriente.

Buses de Quito a Baños

  • Transportes Baños
  • Amazonas
  • Expreso Baños
  • Transportes San Francisco (va a Puyo y viceversa)
  • Centinela del Oriente (va a Puyo y viceversa)

Llegar desde Cuencas a Baños

En autobús: Hay tres opciones, la primera es tomar un autobús directo llamado Amazonas hasta Baños. De lo contrario, si pierdes ese autobús, puedes tomar un autobús a Ambato en estas compañías: Sucre Buses, Patria Buses, Buses Turismo Cuenca. Se tarda aproximadamente de 6 a 7 horas debido a los Andes. Luego, desde Ambato, puedes tomar otro autobús a Baños (Transportes Baños, Amazonas, Expreso Baños, Autobuses San Francisco)

Si no quieres pasar por Ambato, puedes bajarte en Riobamba y desde allí tomar un autobús directo a Baños, Ecuador. Los autobuses que salen de Riobamba a Baños son Transportes Riobamba y Transportes Sangay.

Tiempo promedio de Cuenca a Baños y viceversa

De 7 horas y 30 minutos a 9 horas

Llegar desde Montañita a Baños

En autobús: Hay tres opciones para ir de Montañita a Baños y viceversa.

Opción 1 – Autobús directo: Transportes Baños todas las noches

Opción 2: toma un autobús (Manglaralto) de Montañita a Santa Elena cada 30 minutos. Una vez que llegues a Santa Elena, debes esperar por la compañía de autobuses llamada “Transportes Baños”. Hay dos horarios de salida a las 07:15 p. m. y a las 10:00 p. m.

Opción 3 – Montañita – Guayaquil – Baños

Si eliges la segunda opción y la mejor debido a los diferentes horarios de salida, debes tomar un autobús de la Compañía CLP desde Montañita hasta Guayaquil y, desde Guayaquil, buscar autobuses que viajen directamente a Baños o Puyo, estos autobuses son “Transportes Baños, San Francisco, Flota Pelileo, Riobamba”.

Nuestras reseñas

Andres SanchezAndres Sanchez
13:54 05 Feb 24
Very good service, I recommend it 100 percent. The location is excellent since it is close to the bathing center.
Alvaro ImbertAlvaro Imbert
14:35 26 Jan 24
Very good hostel especially in relation to quality/price. It is located in the heart of Baños, on the same corner of the square. Likewise, Erupción has a very nice rooftop bar, from where you can see very good views. Breakfast was included and every day they made you something different. The wifi very good.The shared rooms are fine. They are simple but clean, with your own locker, etc... I would recommend it without a doubt
Anakin HanssoAnakin Hansso
01:50 26 Jan 24
Good location very close to the center, super attentive and friendly service, always ready to provide information.I will certainly return.
17:43 18 Jan 24
Claudia Pachas Q.Claudia Pachas Q.
03:52 10 Jan 24
The location is unbeatable. The attention of the hostel and the rooftop bar is great, with activities to integrate guests.
Luke MorganLuke Morgan
19:45 02 Dec 23
Best rooftop bar in town, and a pretty cool hostel right below! The private rooms are simple but inexpensive, well worth the cost to upgrade vs the dorms. The staff are the highlight here; big shout out to Mishell who helped us nonstop from arrival to departure, a real star!
Muhammad Issam AwanMuhammad Issam Awan
00:15 28 Nov 23
Location is fantastic. Private rooms are worth the extra money. Views are great. Staff is very friendly. This is my third stay here, always been worth it.
Yogen maharjanYogen maharjan
04:29 25 Nov 23
Great experience!!!I recently stayed at this hotel, and I was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional service provided by the staff majo, michelle and Anthony especially. The level of professionalism and attentiveness was remarkable, making my stay truly enjoyable.The rooftop bar was a highlight of my experience. The staff there not only served with efficiency but also displayed a genuine passion for ensuring guests had a great time. The panoramic views were breathtaking, and the atmosphere was lively, creating a memorable evening.As for the rooms, they were well-maintained and offered a comfortable retreat. The attention to detail in cleanliness and amenities was evident, contributing to an overall sense of relaxation during my stay. I highly recommend this hotel for its outstanding staff and the delightful experience they create, both in the rooms and on the rooftop bar.
Jess LangeJess Lange
21:56 27 Oct 23
The staff at Erupcion Hostel were amazing. Mishell and Majo were awesome at helping me find things to do in the area, and were very friendly. I was traveling solo so I really appreciated their help. The location of the hostel is close to everything in town, and the rooftop bar is a nice place to have a drink or some food.
Anja SchmidlinAnja Schmidlin
16:17 07 Sep 23
This hostel was an amazing experience. The staff is soooo friendly, helpful, open and they want you to have the best stay. Especially Michelle helped me a lot with booking tours, so i could find the tours that suited me best. Also the location is perfect. It‘s in the middle of baños and there‘s a nice park next to the hostel.Thank you for that great stay!!!