Ulba & Silencio Waterfall Hike


Discover two of the most stunning waterfalls near the heart of Baños, Ecuador, just a stone’s throw from downtown. Hop on a city bus for a mere 0.25 cents or snag a cab for a quick ride at $1.50 to kickstart your adventure.

With a tiny entrance fee of 0.50 cents, you’re ready to delve into the natural wonders awaiting along the Ulba River. Traverse the scenic Ulba River, enveloped by lush forests and native flora, until you reach the majestic Chamana River. Follow its course to witness the breathtaking Silencio Waterfall, standing tall at 25 meters. Born from the moors of Mintzas on the Tungurahua Volcano’s eastern slopes, it’s a spectacle to behold. Feel the rush of its waters, catch rainbows dancing in its mist, and snap away to capture memories that last a lifetime.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Continue your journey upstream along the Chamana River for about 400 meters until you’re greeted by the awe-inspiring Silence Waterfall. Towering at 30 meters, its serene ambiance and secluded location make it a hidden gem.

Brace yourself for canyoning adventures and prepare to be spellbound by its tranquil beauty. It’s an experience that’s bound to etch its place as one of your favorite spots in all of Baños, Ecuador. The Ulba and Silencio Waterfalls.